How to turn laptop into wifi hotspot without using third party tools (Windows 7/8)

Basically I am fed up of using third party tools like Connectify, Maryfi, mHotspot on my laptop to turn it into hotspot. Plus it’s a bit difficult to find the cracked version of the tools. And the main problem hits you when the hotspot starts correctly and the tool shows you that device is connected, but the device which you are connecting to your wifi fails to get an IP address from laptop although you have set DHCP in your setting.

Then comes starting and stopping of the hotspot and trying again and again.

Forget all this. Using few commands from your command line on windows, you can get it working straight away without using any tools.

1. Start your wifi adapter
2. Go to command prompt and type: netsh wlan show  drivers

You will see output like this.

If you can see hosted network supported as Yes, then you are good to go!

3. Now type: netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=yourWifiName key=wifiPassword
and enter

4. If the above command is successful, then type: netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Now the hostedNetwork is started! But you have not given it access to use your internet connection!

Now the final step is

5) Go to Network and sharing and click on your internet connection (wired or wireless whatever)

Now the settings will open, go to Properties –>  Sharing tab.

Check the first box (Allow other network users), a prompt will open up, say ok.

Then select below the connection to which you want to share this network with (your wireless adapter name).

Hit ok.

And you are done!!!

Now you can see that the hostedNetwork (with the name you have given) appears in the networks.

As you can see, my connection name is dough 2 and access type is now shown as Internet.

Now go to your device, and search for wifi networks, you will see your wifi connection name there!


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