Finding time for myself

This is the first time I am writing the blog from my cell. Few days ago I bought new cell…Samsung galaxy note..and I love the ease with which I can write this… 🙂

It’s really difficult now a days for me to find time for myself, for I have to write two types of things. One is about music, and second is everything I have to say other than music. And the most important is finding perfect time and mood to write. Whole day is spent working in the office and then when you come home, only thing you can think of, is to relax…

It’s been almost two weeks since the launch of our website and being the content writer for it,I had to keep my blogs ready. Two years ago I had launched my own website for personal blog and it was then for the first time I realised how much I enjoy writing, expressing what I feel through the pen, well not pen, keyboard! 😀

Every night, before sleeping, only one thought comes to my mind…it’s so less I am doing in a day, and it’s so much more I have to do… Really, finding time is hell of a task, but if you decide to do what you want, it’s not that difficult either…! I wanted to start writing personal blog once again…and here I am…at the end of a new start! Good night!

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