I intend to get to run 10 Kms comfortably at the end of my summer break. So I started running a week back with a target of running at least 3 Kms daily.

Some days I ran alone. On some, I ran with different people. The result is astonishing. Whenever I ran alone, I ran for around 3 Kms. Whenever I ran with others, I ran more than 6 Kms.

Why is it so? Does that mean I am lazy? Certainly not. I achieved my target of 3 Kms anyway. But I thought 6 Kms was too much in first week. But it was not. Today I ran 8 Kms. My legs did hurt and I had to take a break due to pain in my rib cage mid run. But it was worth starting running again.

Pains not necessarily mean something’s wrong. Pains are deceiving. They open a store of interpretations for us to interpret. But beware! It’s important to interpret them correctly. You succeed, you push yourself. You fail, a new problem awaits you.

I saw my friend running and pushing himself. He had his own targets. A little walk to grasp the breath and subdue the pain and I was up running again.

In life, it’s very important to find people who inspire you, who run faster and longer than you. Not because they will make you run faster. Only so that you don’t stop. Speed is not important. Continuity is. The one who continues wins. Sprinters fail after some period.

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