Love – from a different angle.


The story is from the old age when time itself was idyllic and nature was rustic. There was a sweet small girl named Jessi. Her father had maintained a beautiful garden surrounding their little home. Every day in the morning, Jessi used to accompany her father while he watered the plants. There were Mango trees, Coconut trees, and other fruit bearers and then there were Roses, Tulips and many more… Under her father’s tutelage, Jessi too learned to take care of the plants.

When she would come back from school in the evening, she would again spend some time in the garden, talking with her floral friends. Her best friend was the Rose plant. Looking at the Mango tree, she would imagine how beautiful would be the Rose fruits. She absolutely loved the roses.

Days passed, months passed, the Rose did not bear any fruits. Jessi started getting sadder day by day. She thought, even after taking care of the Rose for so many months, why would it not behave as she expected it to? Gradually she started to ignore the Rose. Rose got to know what Jessi expected from it. It became sad too. It got frustrated with itself thinking how it could bear some beautiful fruits for Jessi. But there wasn’t any option. Everyone had to abide by the Nature’s rules.

Few months passed and Jessi totally ignored the Rose then. She would not water it properly. Her father noticed a gradual decrease in the number of Roses the plant once had. He got to know the real reason. He hugged her tight and he explained to Jessi…

“Jessi, nobody is ever meant to love you back just because you do. But they are certainly meant to feel your love. Similarly, you are not meant to love back every other person who loves you. But you are certainly meant to feel the love others shower upon you. Love can never be like a business where you expect the returns just because you invested in it. To love requires great courage, but to stand on the receiving end knowing you can’t reciprocate and continue receiving it without feeling guilty requires more. People will often tell you the story of a person who loved someone very much but got nothing in return. But nobody will ever tell you the opposite side of the story. The one that has to receive the love without reciprocating too goes through some magical pain. Just like the Rose. The Rose is dying my child, not because you did not water it correctly, but because it is feeling guilty that it can never return the favor. If you really love the Rose, then please go and embrace it. Tell it that it’s absolutely ok that it can’t reciprocate your sweet gestures. Because it was never meant to. Tell it that it’s not its responsibility to make you happy. Tell it that you are absolutely ok with this.

My child, if you ever love someone in future, and that someone could not reciprocate, don’t be angry, but be compassionate. The day when that someone feels you are ok with this and he/she is not guilty for your grief, because that’s how nature works, he/she will be thankful to you for the lifetime. Never ever forget this my sweet child!”

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