Staring into the future…

One Frame Story 13
One Frame Story 13


It’s their routine. To stare into the future. They wake up at 5. Distribute newspapers door to door. And after doing a lot of hard work at “The Modern Garage” throughout the morning, when they get hungry, they grab some bread chutney and come here at the backside of the school. Through the slits, they look, they dream… of gathering enough money, of standing on the other side of the compound. Gnawing on the bread slowly, they pledge of not losing hope, every single day.


I wrote this story for One Frame Stories Project. A new frame gets published every Friday and also the stories submitted for last week’s frame. You have to submit a story based on the given frame with maximum 99 words. It’s fun! You can read other stories based on above frame here, and you can submit your story for this week’s frame here.

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