Prisoner of Ego

There was a man living in a town with his heart full of ego. He would earn decent amount of money. He was fond of doing things which his ego demanded and his money allowed him to do.

Once he got an idea. Although he did not need any servants, he employed a servant in his home. The servant was extremely poor and mute. He had no option but take the job. He thought he would earn decent amount of money, if not, at least to feed himself properly. The man was cruel. He did not stop there. He built a cage in his home for the servant. Everyday he would lock up the servant in the cage for full day. So the servant was not serving the man directly, but his ego. At night, he would allow him some time out. But as soon as he would call the servant, he had to return to the cage. The servant was extremely poor so he had no choice but to live in a cage that would earn him meal two times a day. The servant would wonder why the man had employed him if he would assign him no work.

One day, at night, the servant was out for a stroll and he sat on a sharp thing by mistake and there was a deep cut in his flesh in the posterior part of his body. He was in excruciating pain. He came home and pointed toward his wound trying to get help from his master. But the man did not pay any heed. He ignored it and criticized the servant for making noise when everybody in the family was asleep.

The servant lived with the pain. It became the routine. But his wound did not heal. The infection caught hold of the flesh. Wherever the servant would sit, he would leave behind his blood. And his master would scold him instead of taking him to doctor.

The infection went on increasing. The insects began to wander around the wound and they started eating the flesh, Soon they entered the servant’s stomach making way through his body. Finally the master got alarmed. He took the servant to the doctor. Doctor said he couldn’t save his life. That was the end of a prisoner of ego.

If you had a great difficulty in reading the story, then it was more difficult for someone to go through it. That was the story of a boxer dog in my neighborhood. Please treat animals with love and care, and pet them only if you can return the love they shower upon you. You don’t own anyone’s life, be it a human or an animal. Dignity is for everyone.